For most of you, contemporary art is not what you expect from Miriam Shiell Fine Art. However, most dealers have wide ranging interests, and collecting contemporary art has been one of mine over the past decade. This collection is a cross-section of that activity.

Richard Hamilton’s dAmis Marcel Duchamp is a work from the 1970s by this impressive, now elderly statesman of British Pop Art, which speaks to the spirit of contemporary art. Graham Gilmore’s Sorry, a word we use so often and so meaninglessly, gives one a moment of pause; while Matthew Pillsbury’s black and white, intense images confuse us for a moment with their source of light in the darkness.

The works currently on display at the gallery are a small selection of the virtual catalogue CONTEMPORARY, which can be found by CLICKING HERE.

I hope you enjoy the contemporary side of Miriam Shiell Fine Art.

All the best,


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