Markets have always fascinated me; local markets, vegetable markets, antique markets and of course the grand-daddy of them all, the art market.

For a while now it seems that the art market is not a cohesive self but rather two markets side by side. The auction market, driven by their huge International machines, an ever hungry beast needing to be fed two or three times a year is perceived to be "the art market".

But it is foolhardy to believe dozens of talented artists, committed dealers and galleries and experts in all kinds of obscure knowledge are no longer "the market".

Life goes on and these are the people that remind us of the fundamentals of art collecting: the pleasure of ownership, the dialogue of dealer and collector, and, the exchange of knowledge and experience. Maybe as the era of portfolio shopping peaks, it is time to get back to the fundamentals of collecting.

Collecting is like a fine wine, needing time and patience, and fortunately there are still art dealers to assist in the process. My "collector's choice" series has for years been my selection for my special collectors.

Collecting vicariously is what a good art dealer does - I hope I have succeeded in that goal.


Miriam Shiell
October, 2007

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