Miriam Shiell Fine Art is pleased to present COSMOS an exhibition of works by Thomas Ruff, The Boyle Family, Natvar Bhavsar, Jeffrey Spalding, Jules Olitski, Paul Fournier, Gershon Iskowitz and a very rare selection of vintage NASA photographs. COSMOS is a journey through exploration itself as each work in this exhibition relates to the artist's and, in kind humanity's, search for meaning and understanding through elements of the cosmos.

Thomas Ruff's 17h 58m/ -250, 1990 is an exquisite print from the artist's Sterne (Star) series (1989-1992). In this series, the Düsseldorf based artist revisited one of his first passions, astronomy, and reprinted astronomical survey photos from the European Southern Observatory in Chili at a staggering scale. Though smaller in format, equally awe inspiring are vintage NASA photographs taken during the first historic decade of space exploration. These are the original prints that document our first steps free of earth and are historically significant as human kind's first glimpses of the moon, our astronauts in space and most astonishing, the earth itself. Mark Boyle (who with his family have been operating under the moniker of The Boyle Family since 1984) are best known for their massive series' of works Journey to the Centre of the Earth which presents randomly selected rectangles of the earth's surface recreated as painted fiberglass relief. In this work from the Tidal Series tidal ridges from a sandy beach are perfectly replicated. From sand to dust Natvar Bhavasar's pigment paintings are created by releasing layers of dry, sifted pigments onto the surface; pulsating lambent layers of colour not unlike stardust. Bhavasar was an influential member of the New York School of colorists. He has been credited for 'easternizing the Colour Field language'. American abstract expressionist Jules Olitski's small 1965 spray painting is reminiscent of a dark night sky. In a rare Jeffrey Spalding painting Pacific he defied the conventions of the day painting the setting sun. Gershon Iskowitz's luminous, abstracted aerial views are his unique interpretation of the Canadian landscape inspired by the phenomenal Aurora Borealis. Of course an exhibition speaking to phenomena and the wonder of the universe would not be complete without the work of Paul Fournier. In Genesis Awakened Fournier continues his career long goal to emulate and restate the mystery of the universe in an odyssey through painting.

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